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I've watched it all in my massive collection but haven't got a chance to review them all. so some of these you'll find without a review or pics.

NHK Ni Youkoso

Alt Title: Welcome to NHK
I now understand! I understand why I dropped out of university and why I am unemployed. I now understand it all! It is because of the NHK! It is a conspiracy and they are at the center of it all, but I will keep on fighting until defeat them! Oh my! But then I meet Misaki-chan, a neat and beautiful girl with a parasol. Is she an assassin from a religious group out to kill me? She is offering to help me, but tempts me with eroticism and more! Who is she? Oh my!
Caption courtesy of Anime.Mikomi.org
My Review:
Definately watch this series. The plot isn't really amazing... infact, pretty linear... so I thought. But then, as I began to watch it more, things began to be revealed that made this story really much much more. It was interesting to watch how Saito and Misaki interacted and the "thoughts" & "ideas" each presented to each other. Worth watching for sure.


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