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I've watched it all in my massive collection but haven't got a chance to review them all. so some of these you'll find without a review or pics.

Scrapped Princess

Alt Title:
The 15 year old Pacifica Casull flees under the protection of her two adopted older siblings from a verdict of death. When the twin heirs of the royalty were born, it was prophesized the girl child would be cause of the death of the world on her sixteenth birthday. Having survived being thrown over a cliff as a child, Pacifica now travels under the protection of her older brother, a swordsman, and her older sister, a dark mage, on an adventure of survival. Together they escape and elude the priests and followers of the older techno-gods who are committed to seeing the 'trashed princess' dead. But Pacifica's siblings are stern in their love for their younger sister, quick to her protection, and strong in their belief that Pacifica will survive long enough to overcome a uncertain destiny as spoken by a long dead prophet.
Caption courtesy of Anime.Mikomi.org
My Review:
Although not nearly as good as similar titles such as "12 Kingdoms" or "Gokudo Kun", it was entertaining nevertheless. The animation style was pretty good and the plot was somewhat interesting. The cast of characters were plenty.. infact, more than the 24 episodes could support. I mean, none of the characters had really been explored. My only other gripe was the ending. I felt it was rushed and it was a pretty lackluster conclusion. Nevertheless, still worth watch for those looking for "Epic" style story telling.


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