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I've watched it all in my massive collection but haven't got a chance to review them all. so some of these you'll find without a review or pics.

Ohran Koko Host Club

Alt Title: Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi Fujioka is a poor commoner who was admited to the prestigous Ohran high school. This is rare as Ohran only allows the rich and the famous to attend, but Haruhi is the #1 student in Japan and was admitted nevertheless. During assembly Haruhi goes into the empty 3rd music room and stumbles upon the Ohran Host Club, a club where guys live to serve girls (Mostly friendship and conversation). Trying to leave, Haruhi bumps into a 8 million yen ($80,000) vase and breaks it. The host club realizes that Haruhi doesn't have any money (as this person can't even afford the school uniform) so they make Haruhi work off the debt as a slave to the host club.
Caption courtesy of Anime.Mikomi.org
My Review:
I really enjoyed this series! At first, I almost was inclined to believe this was a Yaoi anime... due to the artwork, which also displayed "all" males. But as I read the synopsis, it seemed interesting so I gave it a shot. And Wow! I'm sure glad I did. This series had it all; humor, sillyness, great plot, a bit of action and romance. Each episode did a great job carrying on the plot.... and come to think of it, I don't recall any filler episodes! The antics in this series is nearly on par with that of School Rumble. I loved it! A must watch!


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