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I've watched it all in my massive collection but haven't got a chance to review them all. so some of these you'll find without a review or pics.

Binbou Shimai Monogatari

Alt Title: Poor Sisters Story
The anime centers around two sisters - Kyou (age 15) and Asu (age 9) - whose mother died from an illness and whose father, heavily in debt, mysteriously disappeared. Now they are living in a small and miserable apartment from the few money the older sister gets for her part-time job. But as long as they have each other and are supported by kind people they continue their every-day life never losing the bright smiles on their faces nor their strong spirit.
Caption courtesy of Anime.Mikomi.org
My Review:
Here's a heart warming story about two little sisters trying to make it on their own. Very touching plot but I did find it somewhat slow and to childish. To be honest, this one can be skipped. You won't miss much.


not bad
10 series
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